Our People

We have an experienced, dedicated and stable team, the key members of which have been together since 1997.


Business area

GiulioBattaglia Giulio Battaglia Chief Executive Officer View profile
KevinArenson Kevin Arenson Chief Investment Officer View profile
TimBeck Tim Beck Head of Credit & Event Driven Strategies View profile
AkshayKrishnan Akshay Krishnan Head of Macro & Relative Value Strategies View profile
BruceHarington Bruce Harington Head of Equity Long/Short Strategies View profile
MarinedHartoy_0334_370x255 Marine d’Hartoy Investment Director View profile
MylesWatkiss_0435_370x255 Myles Watkiss Senior Analyst View profile
DaleHewitt_15347_370x255 Dale Hewitt Investment Analyst View profile
MichaelWillar Michael Willar Co-Portfolio Manager - Direct Equity Strategy View profile
MihirKara Mihir Kara Senior Equity Analyst View profile
ThibaultDecre_370x255 Thibault Decré Equity Analyst View profile
FrancoisBraut Francois Braut Head of Risk Management & Quantitative Research View profile
RishiPatel Rishi Patel Head of Operational Risk View profile
WillPounder_0644_370x255 Will Pounder Operational Due Diligence Analyst View profile
EvanHurwitz Evan Hurwitz Director View profile
CatherineGriggs Catherine Griggs Managing Director (Guernsey) View profile
StanleyChim Stanley Chim Head of Finance View profile
RavitToledano Ravit Toledano Head of Legal & Compliance View profile
AdiLahav_370x255 Adi Lahav Relationship Manager View profile
MartinSawyer Martin Sawyer Head of Client Services & IT Solutions View profile
LeliaKuzbari Lelia Kuzbari Director of Investor Relations & Marketing View profile