About Us

Stenham assists its clients to preserve and grow wealth in a highly disciplined and risk-averse way.

Stenham has a long and established track-record in providing investment management and advice to sophisticated investors in the construction and monitoring of investment portfolios.

The assets managed by Stenham are from pension funds, family offices, private banks, asset managers, charities and high net worth individuals seeking stable investment performance.

We have an experienced and stable team, the key members of which have been together since 1999. The team is committed to our strategic approach and actively invests in our range of products.

Stenham has provided discretionary investment management services to a wide range of investors for over 30 years.  The investment process continues to be supported by an extensive research and operational due diligence team, focusing on both quantitative and qualitative analysis across a range of strategies and asset classes.  We combine this to offer a variety of solutions including UCITS funds, offshore funds, white label or bespoke solutions in order to meet specific risk and return objectives for our investors.

No awards or testimonials are given by current or previous clients. Compensation may be provided in the format of paid attendance at award ceremonies. Stenham does not believe that any such compensation has an impact on the decision-making capacity of the adjudicators, nor that any potential conflict of interest will arise from their relationships with Stenham.